Oil Effect Pictures

You can have a framed A3 oil picture effect for just £25 + delivery

Frame That Photo Company has been regularly delighting their customers with these marvellously framed masterpieces.




How do we manufacture an A3 framed image product?

1. Firstly you send us a charming picture you would like to be framed. You can do it by e-mailing or by post.

2. Then we copy and enlarge it throughout reproduction process to get that of A3 image*.

3. After we carefully attach the new illustration to a piece of supporting piece.

4. Following a special solid gel is applied to the surface of the picture. It is a particular solution when it dries is providing a splendid effect of oil picture. Stunning look and superb impression!

5. Once all is finished, we frame that picture and send it to you as a really wonderful masterpiece.

* Due to the complex process the picture is undergone this way, we are not able to change or modify anything during this procedure. Consequently please bring us the best ever image you have without any marks, blemishes, defects or red eye. This leads to the best results!

Picture Framing

We are pleased to offer three framing woods available at our stock. They are Gold (as you can see below), Mahogany or Pine.

   Gold                Mahogany          Pine

Make an Order

If you want to place your order for an "Oil Framed Photo", please give us a call on 01983 408804. Choose the picture framing from Gold, Mahogany or Pine wooding. Also inform us on your way of payment and then email your favourite image to images@framethatphoto.co.uk