Photo on Canvas Print


A good framed and arranged photo on canvas is an ideal present or souvenir for your family or friends. If you want to make an unforgettable gift for your parents, then find a nice, it can be even black and white wedding photo of them. Send this photo to us and we do our best that your parents would be so much happy! Also gorgeous portraits of your beloved ones become completely magnificent presents and marvellous pieces of wall art collection. It will be a wonderful pleasure for all members of your family!


You may ask what else can be turned into stunning canvas prints. Any photo you like most of all- goes best for it. It can be snapshots from birthday parties, holidays picnics, weddings ceremonies, special occasions or anniversaries, your first and the most lovely children`s drawings and the like. They fit ideally for photo canvases.

Where can you place or hang such piece of canvas image? Anywhere you want and like. It can be a bedroom, living room, kitchen, children room etc. Of course these nice canvas prints must fit the whole design and colour palette of the room. Or, canvas prints can be like an emphasis, a spot in the room, so providing so nice and special contrast. But, still all depends on the rules of design and architecture. They must be kept in any case, that is why we give you a piece of advice on taking a recommendation from professionals. Due to that fact that photo on canvas print can be worked in various styles and played in different colours and shades, a canvas print must be the general continuation of the main idea of the room they are placed. If you like you can order them in sepia style, black and white colouration, collage, colour splash, pop art, triptych, panoramic or any other on your preferences.

FrameThat Photo provides our customers with professional guidance and service on canvas prints. We print, frame and box them. Feel free to contact us at any available for you time at 01983 408804, we will be ready and happy discuss any individual aspect of your order.