Terms & Conditions

Descriptive Explanation

We strive to do our best to provide our customers with the qualitative products. All descriptions and information regarding goods and services on our website are correct, truthful and relevant to our factual knowledge.
We maintain our right to change price list or the materials are working with. Our mission is to make the best reproductions of your most favourable photos, snapshots, children drawings or real masterpieces.
Due to creative nature of our service facilities, we can work on the colour and size of the variations. Usually, the images` feel may slightly differ from the appearance on the screen display.
Value and quality of the final canvas product depend on the original file quality and size we get. It is thus advisable that the minimal small file we can work with is no less than 500kb.

All our canvases are produced of 100% cotton textile. That is why sometimes they appear sometimes not to be that smooth, this is a natural characteristic of this natural fabric.

Image Cropping

You have to inform us whether you want your canvas cropped or not. If we do not receive any instructions we then by default crop a rectangle image to square by our own design opinion that is the best variant that fits your image.

Spots, Defects or Red Eyes:

If you want to remove this or that mark or any kind of blemish, please send an email to images@framethatphoto.co.uk alongs with your order, indicate what you want it to be done.

Art Galleries and Copyright

Colours, shades and exterior appearance of illustrations can vary from reality and on the screen. All images, designs, photos and the like that are produced by our company and displayed at our gallery are the property of our website and cannot be reproduced, copied, adjusted or distributed without our permission or approval.

Copyright Exclusive Right

By transferring us your picture you are automatically confirm that you are the copyright proprietor of the image.

Satisfaction Agreement

Please, be so kind to check your canvas print right upon delivery. If you have any questions, please get in tough with us within 7days of receipt. Any mistakes, damaged or spoilt goods on delivery must be alerted 7 days after release.

Delivery Service

We work with Citylink courier express 24hour delivery service. Citylink is a good and reliable courier service. Citylink should deliver it to you the next working day at the address supplied.


Due to special nature of all our manufactured goods, we politely ask our clients to check their order carefully as bespoke, customised, made to order canvases cannot be returned due to the nature of the uniqueness.