How it Works

Picture Guiding Principles: You can send any photo whether it is old style or a new digital one, children`s drawings or partially destroyed pictures, we will produce the canvas print from the work you send.

File Parameters: Of course, we can provide you with a stunning piece of work on the basis of any file parameters, but we do recommend you that the best effects can be achieved with JPG format. So, if you have large jpg files, do not diminish them, but send them to us as originals.

Photo Dimensions: The smallest suggested size of the digital photo is around 500kb. Any picture lower this size will pixelate on canvas. That is why, when you decide to send us a photo, please keep the initial file dimension and do not improve, modify or optimise it. The best you send - the best you get!

Image Cropping: If you have picturesque scenery on your original photo (for instance) and you would like to have a round, four-sided or any other form of canvas, please do not forget to point out where you desire this crop to start. If you rely on our designer`s feel and are really content to trust us, then we are glad to send you a possible model of your canvas and you confirm it by your answer.

Bleed or no bleed: A bleed canvas is when the image is continued over the sides. A no bleed canvas - the illustration does not wrap around the canvas side surface. Please, signify while making your order which of the 2 variants you choose.

Significant Facets On a Bleed Canvas:

Please, recognise that a bleed canvas requires an additionally 1.5 inches in order to create a bleed image wrapping. So, if you order a 15x15 canvas, then you need an 18x18 print. If you hesitate or do not know what to choose, please contact us for advice.

Framework: All our canvases are framed with qualitative hand- craft made polished pine. With every individual order we meet your specifications and expectations.

Depth measurements: Our usual standard of frame print is usually (1.25") 3cm. Of course, this dimension can vary depending on your preferences.

Prints: All our canvas prints are made of 100% cotton natural fabric. We do not use artificial textiles, like the cheaper “polycanvas” and the like. Due to high - qualitative materials, our customers are more than satisfied having a real spectacular piece of art with a smooth and light surface. The gentle touch of our products fullfils your mood!

Spots, Defects or Red Eyes: If you want to remove this or that mark or any kind of blemish, please send an email to and alongside your order indicate where and what you want done. We are able to do to take account of certain small imperfections using our scanning methods, however large changes would need you to call and discuss.

Printing machines: We work with professional large format EPSON printers. In particular, we use EPSON UV inks and six-ink Colour Layering Technology. This allows us to manufacture qualitative canvas art prints with vibrant and bright colours and long - lasting for many generations to come.

Delivery terms and conditions: Orders over £100.00 the Post (inside the UK) - is Free of Charge. All orders below £100.00 have a £6.00 postage and packing charge. We employ Citylink Express Service. This will require your signature on receipt of your order. Clientele outside the United Kingdom should contact the office for information on delivery fees. The regular delivery time is 3-5 working days.